About Us

About Lenehan Engineering, Inc.

Lenehan Engineering was established by Gerry Lenehan and Kyle Lenehan, both registered professional engineers, with a clear mission: to deliver exceptional engineering services in the Northern California region. Our core expertise lies in structural and geotechnical engineering, granting us a distinct understanding of the interaction between soil and engineered structures. This unique background equips us to tackle the complexities of swimming pool engineering and optimize structural design solutions.

At Lenehan Engineering, we take great pride in our commitment to offering responsive engineering services to clients across Sacramento, the Bay Area, Northern California, and the Central Valley, ensuring their projects maintain their momentum and remain on schedule. We are readily accessible to engage in discussions about your project’s challenges and are dedicated to delivering efficient and innovative solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether your project entails a straightforward design or a multifaceted endeavor, Lenehan Engineering stands as your dependable partner for all your pool engineering needs.

Gerry Lenehan, P.E.

Kyle Lenehan, P.E.